As per our human nature, each & everyone needs leisure, entertainment & want free time in their life. Different age groups peoples have their own choices to enjoy, have fun and get entertained like children like to play outdoor games, women like cooking/shopping/watching tv shows, men like to hang out with friends and go out for parties etc. When we enjoy such memorable moments we feel different Emotions, excitement & happiness in our life. 

This same feeling you will have while playing online Ludoskill cash game. The ludo game is a perfect family game. You will feel different, several exciting moments while playing ludoskill. 

So, let’s go & see different phases of the feeling of an all-rounder Ludo Skill online cash game.

1.   Pack full of Excitements

           When you enjoy your shows, like series, movies, playing games, etc. You feel excited and pumped out of it, and there is a mixture of feeling at the climax where your heartbeat goes up and you will be hoping it should happen as you wish.

Similarly, you can feel a mixture of feelings while play online ludoskill, when you hit opponent token you become happy, when opponent hit your token you become angry or nervous. Whenever an opponent rolls the dice you will be anxious to see his rolled dice number. If your token is in front of his token your heartbeat goes up until you go on the safe side. Since you have been playing ludo game from childhood, you will have a well experienced and have a great sense of familiarity with online Ludoskill. You could even win amazing real Paytm cash prizes and bonus.

2.   Peak & Down movement

In your best enjoyable netflix series or tv shows. You experience rollercoaster feelings like high & low. This movie’s design in such a way that you feel a mixture of feelings in them.

When it comes to Ludoskill also you feel the same high & low moment. Sometimes you win & sometimes you lose. Finally, it gives you the best gaming experience. Use your skills and boosters to win the game and get exciting ludo paytm cash.

3.   Assist you in Problem-solving

There are various entertaining programs that not only just entertain you but also you may learn something from them. Directly & indirectly such programs assist you in problem-solving.

In the same way, when you are playing ludoskill with an opponent you have to make quick decisions to win a game. Apart from other ludo games, ludoskill comes with an exciting booster feature that helps you to take quick decision in a game and win. In ludoskill when you get a 16 second to roll your dice in that movement you have to take a quick decision to beat your opponent with the random booster or choice booster which takes you one step forward for winning.

     4. Safety is a priority and fair play

In the entertainment industry, there are measures to ensure that the movies and shows follow guidelines and offer viewers the ultimate experience. A board of members watch the film and suggests edits so as to maintain honesty and transparency in the industry. You can see the director takes the safety of their crew member, also they take care of content that it doesn’t hurt heart any religious feelings, and they take care of violence scenes while showing to their audience.

Similarly, ludoskill also takes care of its player’s data, uses fair play policy, Safe secure & simple payment method, 100 % Secured trusted SSL certified and it is transparent, controls any type of fraud and collision, and allows players a fair opportunity to win the game. We believe such safety in-game wins the trust of the gamer.

You can enjoy the ludoskill cash game at different times in the day as per the room opens. You will get a Rs 25/- sign up bonus & RS 150/- Refer & earn a bonus.

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Play Real Ludo Money Game to Kill Your Boredom and win free Paytm cash

In the day to day busy world and hectic life of our’s, there are those empty moments where we don’t find anything relevant to do. Then, Why can’t we find something fun like play online games. They are exciting, thrilling, and entertaining and fun too. Online real ludo skill game offers you a much-needed diversion from the practical things of life, moving you to a zone where you be stress-free, think fast, act with the ability and stay focused, without really feeling the pressure of winning. The Real Ludo Money game gives you a perfect method of challenge and achievement and also let you win the free Paytm cash.

So, Ludoskill is the perfect game on your boring moments and charming the player with the feeling of joy and success on winning money. In today advanced technologies online cash game i.e ludoskill come with fabulous graphics, our design & boosters in the game really challenge a player when he/she play’s the game using his/her skills. 

There are several online ludo money games available but among that ludoskill is a real ludo game where you can easily play and win the free Paytm cash or can directly withdraw into your account. This game is the same as traditional ludo. when you start playing ludoskill the game comes with the booster feature that you never have seen before in any online ludo games. Using these boosters you can hit your opponent or you can win a game. This is a game to play with 2 or 4 players and tournaments added in the game to keep you feel excited and let you earn unlimited money. There is a simple process to play this game just download the game from website – and register yourself. Then, login in the game you will get 25rs sign up bonus. you can play with a bonus amount [you can play ludoskill game with the amount minimum amount of Rs 10, Rs 15, Rs 20, Rs 25/- as per the room’s open] against the real players and start winning real ludo money.

This online ludoskill money game not only halts your bordem but also you will enjoy the game with the real players and your friends too. Winning cash from online games just not make fun for players it will fresh mood of peoples, to ignite the people to earn something from this new trendy way.

So don’t feel bored come online on ludoskill board & win cash. 

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In this pandemic situation how to earn money through online cash game?

Want to make money without leaving home during the coronavirus pandemic? Or do you want to figure out ways to make money online?There is a simple way to earn money. Do you know you can earn money just by playing online games? Yes, making money online is now more joy than ever before. If you enjoy gaming online and expertise in playing and winning those online games, then you should consider playing and getting paid to do what you enjoy doing. Playing Cash games is one of the easiest ways to earn Online money. There is one of the best Ludo Game changer app i.e Ludoskill which you can play at anywhere and anytime with friends, family and colleague. Like other games, ludoskill is not just an online game app. it’s the game where you can earn real money by playing against real players. 
Steps to Download Ludoskill and How to play and win money – 

  •  Go to website
  •  ludoskill says: “download now” click ” ok “
  • This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keepludoskill.apk anyway? Click “ok ” (Note – This is a general warning shown by Google Chrome before downloading any app “Ignore it, ludoskill.apk file doesn’t harm your device” )
  • Ludoskill will start getting download after that click ok to get install.

How to Play?

  • After installing, open ludoskill app and register. (Note – While registration u can add “referral code” if any of your friends referred you).
  • After registration, You will be login to the home of the app.
  • On your 1st registration, you will get 25Rs sign up bonus.
  •  When you refer your friends you will get 150Rs referral Bonus.
  •  You have to add cash to the wallet. (You can even play with sign up bonus amount of 25Rs)
  • Open 2 or 4 player window.    
  • Select the colour of the token you wish to play. 
  • You will be connected against the real players.

Initially, Before the start of Game 3 unique Boosters are added in Ludoskill which increase your chance to win the game.

  • Game Toss: This is to decide the playing order of the players in the game. 
  • Random Booster: After the toss round, the system will roll the dice once randomly. (You will get a number which you can use it once in your gameplay.)
  • Choice Booster: Each player is allowed to choose one number before the start of the actual game. (You can use it once in your gameplay)
  • Once the boosters selected, the game starts. You can start playing Ludoskill same like normal traditional ludo play and any other online ludo games. Click here to know the step by step process to play ludo game.
  • If you move all your tokens to the finishing point (Home) first, then you will be the winner.
  • Winner will get the respective cash prizes as per their play slot.
  • A cash prize will be credited to your ludoskill wallet.
  • You can withdraw your winning cash prize from wallet to your bank account after successfully updating your KYC. (Note – ludoskill have secure payment gateways)

Apart from providing you with exciting gaming experience, the application is secure and absolutely safe. There`s no limit to earn the cash.PLAY MORE WIN MORE.

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How Ludo Is Becoming The Next Sensational Play?

In this COVID – 19 Lockdown, we all know that how people were going back to their childhood days when the Internet and Mobile apps had not unfolded their wings and not invaded the lives of people, taking part in board games with friends and families was once a famous time pass for many. It is one of the best strategy board game that overwhelmed the lives of people from all the generations to play Ludo.
Looking back to the 6th century Ludo is popularly known as Pachisi, it was commonly played by the kings and emperors in ancient times. But as time slowly progressed and the era of technological innovations linked with path-breaking inventions in the field of entertainment started upon us, this game lost all its shine. However, it is said that History repeats itself, once again Ludo has made a sensational comeback as one of the most popular gaming apps.Playing the traditional board game had been a fundamental part of Indian peoples and had its roots in their cultural lifestyle. Ludo got a huge response in the market and became the sensational play.
The traditional Ludo game required one to carry the board, tokens and dice. With the arrival of ludoskill, it is assured that it can be played anywhere and anytime without the worry of losing the tokens or the dice or even the board as smartphones have highly reached every niche and edge. Ludoskill is not just a game to play for entertainment and fun, you can earn money by playing the game. We know how much you enjoy playing the game, and we know you would love it, even more, when you earn money for what you enjoy doing.
Therefore, we brought an online version of the game you love in the form of LudoSkill. Our attractive graphics and advanced technology make sure that you love playing the game seamlessly on your mobile. LudoSkill is an online multiplayer ludo game available for Android as well as iPhone users. Apart from providing you with exciting gaming experience, the app is secure and absolutely safe. Ludoskill is loaded with unique features that offer a brand feel while playing Ludo. The ludo game comes with some special twists that not only double the thrill of playing Ludo game but also let you win exciting and big cash prizes by participating in tournaments.
One just has to download the game from the website, add cash and start playing. After winning, you can withdraw your winning amount directly into your bank account. Download now to experience exciting features and unlimited fun with real cash ludo game.Visit our website –
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Winning online cash games: luck or skill?

Luck or skill is one may quite often ask before playing cash games online. This completely depends on what kind of games you’re playing and wish to play. Games like Poker blends with strategy as well as gambling, however, speaking honestly, it also requires a large amount of luck to help you win some quick money through games.
However, when you play ludoskill, which has exactly been classified as a skill-based game, requires a player to be cautious as well as play and use the right booster at the right time. Boardgame ludo rules and gameplay formats are undoubtedly quite popular in the online cash gaming world; however, the Ludoskill gets the upper hand as it requires every player to be analytical, take decisions and make calculative moves. On a few moments, the only way one might get lucky is when your opponent fails to make a right move. 
The definition of success hugely varies when it comes to skill-based online cash games as one needs to overcome several traps purely based on their experience and knowledge of the game. However, for non-skill-based games, which is usually referred to as gambling or a game of luck or chance becomes the deciding factor for winning the game. 
Online cash games will always endure between signifying a game of ‘pure chance’ or ‘pure skill.’ however, when you play the Ludo game, where one cannot win the game by pure luck, your effort and skill will be the only way to win the game. We often are mistaken to be lazy gameplay, it is an only thing while playing we should realize the level of alertness and observation required to plan and execute every move.
Most of you who have never played online cash games have frequently been the opinion that betting online or playing games for money online, requires a lot of luck to win the game. Lakhs of online cash game players, especially skill-based games like online cash Ludoskill will tell you about the amount of skilled work and dedication that one needs to put in to be a winner in the game. And let’s be honest, there is another level of joy and excitement in winning games purely on personal effort rather than luck. In India, Ludoskill cash games are now being popular games among others. Online LudoSkill game download is available for your android device outside the Google Play Store platform owing to strict regulations for games offering real-cash in the form of prizes. Moreover, skill-based games are also known to develop cognitive skills and improve hand-eye coordination. Additionally, the game also helps you focus better in daily tasks.
Winning in online cash games is a matter of luck purely in a game of chance like Gambling etc, where one can only play by instinct without really having a game plan. But for skill-based games like the online Ludo cash game, you will get the outcome to develop skill-set for the game and plan every move. Another reason why online cash games have gained popularity today is because of the comfort it offers and allows you by giving an opportunity to win that additional income in our busy lives. As per the personal opinion, it is always advised to opt for skill-based games while playing online cash games, primarily because winnings will be based on your effort and when it comes to playing for money, it is better to play with your skills rather than trusting luck, isn’t it? Encourages yourself to try first, and the luck will play its role. Play online Ludoskill cash game that will put you to test, and although luck will only have a tiny role to play here, and hopefully, it will take your side!
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Most useful 8 Health Benefits of Playing Ludo Board Game

1.    Have fun and feel good: one of the most effective ways of ludo game is laughter. Laughing increases endorphins and this chemical promote happiness in our body. Sharing entertainment and fun can promote understanding, lenity, and belief with others.
2.    Family time
: Sitting down with family with no pause may be an impossible thing in your house as everyone has different plans which force them to opposite directions. But playing games along with your family, kids, or with friends, maybe perfect gratitude for spending time together and build learning skills at the same time. Playing a ludo game after a family dinner is a wonderful thing to catch up with your family and strengthening your bond.
3.    Memory formation and cognitive skills: Allowing your kids to play a ludo board game helps them practice essential cognitive skills like problem-solving. The most beneficial parts of the brain for memory formation are the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. These parts have the benefit of playing an online ludo board game. Ludo games help the brain retain and build cognitive associations well into adulthood too. 
4.    Reduces risks for mental diseases
: Playing board games keeps your mind engaged by exercising it and growing it stronger. It’s useful to note that a stronger brain has lower risks for mental diseases. 
5.    Lowers blood pressure: Playing board games like Ludoskill together results in laughing and increasing your endorphins, this will help you to lower or maintain your blood pressure. 
6.    Reduce stress level – According to an online survey, 64% of the respondents said they play games to rest and relax and 53% of them play to relieve stress.
7.    Strengthens your immune system – Research proves that negative views and feelings can reduce the ability to fight disease toward positive thoughts and feelings. The enjoyment and laughter you get from playing board games like ludoskill prevent effects with the chemicals being released by the body.
8.    Children growth – Playing board games help children to develop their logical and reasoning skills, develops critical thinking and boost logic. The ability to concentrate and focus for a longer period of time is also developed with playing board games.

This are the top 8 Most useful Health Benefits of Playing Ludo Board Game. Other than this there are many other benefits too.
So, start playing the ludoskill board game and be healthy alwaysLudoskill is coming soon to get daily updates and launch date follow us on – on –

How can you earn by playing Online Ludo Skill Game?

LudoSkill is different from other ludo games, especially that’s the purpose LudoSkill is called the heart of all ludo games.LudoSkill is an all-newly amazing online ludo game so that you can earn more money by playing against real players and tournaments. The game is packed with some amazing thrills such as boosters and exciting features that will extend your ludo playing experience to an entirely new level.

One of the best features of this game is that you can play this game with your friends and family members, you may challenge real online players.  You can play this game at any time and anywhere because Ludo skill provides 24*7 online playing game and you can also withdraw winning cash on the same day and same time. This is a benefit for the players who want to play simple and easy online real money games. There are many different kinds of advanced features available in Ludo skill for you for entertainment and earning purpose.easy online real money games.

You can earn in various ways by playing Ludo real cash game.

By Playing Ludo Skill and It’s Tournaments With Real Players To Win Real Cash and Rewards. You can win the game and earn limitless amount with its additional Bonus cash.

  1. Sign up bonus.

You will get a bonus amount of ₹25 in your account when you log in for the first time. This offer is valid for the new users who have registered and logged in for the first time on the App, including those who have been referred by other existing users.

  • Referral bonus.

The User who referring or invite a friend, acquaintance or any other person to play the real cash game will be given a bonus of ₹150.

  • Add cash bonus.

You will get add cash bonus on your first deposit on LudoSkill through online payment options only. 20% Bonus amount up to a maximum of ₹1000 will be given when you add Cash for the first time.

E.g. 1: If you add ₹1000, the maximum bonus that you will be eligible for is ₹200.

E.g. 2: If you deposit ₹100, the maximum bonus you will be eligible for is ₹20.

This game is coming soon with all the exited features and cash bonuses to

This game is coming soon with all the exited features and cash bonus amount to make you earn money and have fun.

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How To Earn Real Money By Playing Online Games?

This is the most common of the question raised by many individuals.Generally, Playing online games improve focus and hugely reduce stress. It is not just the passion that drives people to get pinned towards playing online games, it is also a root of entertainment and non-stop fun. Most of the online games are now starring as real money earning games too. From those of most online games, there is an amazing game called Ludoskill that offers large prizes on a daily and weekly basis where the real cash prize can run into lakhs. Ludoskill is one of the best game offers cash rewards in many different forms, making the player earn cash as he plays along.

Let us now see in detail about the Ludoskill that helps in winning real money.

Game Genre: Board Game

LudoSkill is Indian Online Ludo Game To  Win Real Cash In Rewards

You can download the Ludoskill app for free on our website ( and register to play right away. You can start playing with a minimum amount of Rs. 25.


The amount that you can win depends on the variation you play—that includes Ludo coins. You can withdraw this amount anywhere, anytime as you need.

What is Ludoskill?It’s a place where you can play Ludo skill with your family and friends. It is a game that you have been playing with families and friends since childhood. You can choose a random booster and choice booster which will make your way easy. By playing online Ludoskill. you may earn more than expected, which you would not get in any other platform.
GameplayStep 1- Click on the user icon to registerStep 2- Enter you all details and click on registerStep 3- Select the bank which you have account and press the play buttonStep 4- Fill out your bank card information and then click on pay nowStep 5- You will get the OTP password entered on the mobile number registered with Paytm and click on make paymentStep 6- Payment successful, Now you can play By referring the below link
Requires SkillA. Tactics: You need to strategies your game plan as and when required. Think and plan the best possible move. Spend your moves on all tokens as concentrating on only one token may not help in planning the best game.
B. Observation skills: You will have need of good observation skills to play this game Perfectly. Focus on all your tokens along with the opponents’ tokens. Understand the opponent’s gameplay and accordingly plan your moves.

C. Analytical thinking: Analyze the game and You have to be confident to advance to the finishing point at a faster pace by safeguarding your tokens along with blocking opponents moves.
D. Decision Making: Good decision-making skills are required at each step because one wrong decision may impact your whole game plan, thereby making you lose the game.
E. Mathematical analyzing:.Calculate each move diligently before you move a token. Sometimes it is better to safeguard a token than end up getting killed by opponent’s token while rushing to reach the finishing point. Just think before you act.
F. Counting.
G. Probability: The more you play the game, the better are the chances of you winning the game. So play more and earn more on LudoSkill.
To make the game more interesting, we have added the tournament at the same time. if you are more exciting to know about tournaments you can check it out here

Ludoskill – Booster to double up the thrill

Ludo is a popular board game that is considered to be a modified version of an ancient Indian game called Pacheesi. It is a strategy-based indoor game played by individuals of all age groups.

Ludoskill came up with a unique feature in an online ludo cash game to double up the thrill. Unlike all other ludo games, ludoskill is not an ordinary game it is different in its own way. Apart from fun and entertainment its real cash game where players can play and win real cash. You can play with real opponents or your friends and earn cash, which you can withdraw into your bank account safely. You can participate in live tournaments and compete against real players to win big cash prizes.

Unique Features of LudoSkill:-

LudoSkill has some special twists and boosters in the game that double the thrill of playing Ludo game-

Game Toss: This is to decide the playing order of the players in the game. Each player is allowed to roll the dice once. The player who rolls the highest number will play first. Accordingly, the players who rolled the subsequent numbers from the highest to lowest will play in that respective order. If two players roll the same number, then the player who rolled it first will be allowed to play first. For example, if player A rolled a 5 first and player C rolled the same number 5, then Player A will play the game first and Player C will be the second.

Random Booster: After the toss round, the system will roll the dice once randomly. The number rolled, which is called as Random Booster, is applicable for all the players and is saved for future use during the game. This number can be used as a booster to move any of the tokens at any given point during the game. However, this can be used only once throughout the game. For instance, if the system rolled a 4, then each player can use this number (4 in this case) as a booster once during his/her entire game. Dice will be rolled again if the system rolls 6.

Choice Booster: Each player is allowed to choose one number before the start of the actual game. This one number can be used as booster only once, to move any of their tokens at any point as per player’s choice during the game.

In addition to your skills, we gave you exciting boosters which help you to win a game and you get enormous opportunities to play with your friends, family and other online players and earn real money, which you can withdraw directly to your account. We also make sure that all your transactions in the app are secure. There`s no limit in earning cash.

We know how much you enjoy playing the game, and we know you would love it even more when you earn money for what you enjoy doing.

Are you excited about Ludoskill?

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